Poster Designing


Cute. Compact and creatively Different.

A creatively conceived and designed Poster will create the ambience, communicate the core message and make the connection with the target to inspire positive results. Posters are simple yet very effective form communication and Branding, that can easily relay a message to a vast audience.

An aesthetically produced poster never fails to get the deserved, and, desired attention.

Having the ability to be placed on pretty much on any vertical surface, a different poster will make people curious about the offered product, service or idea.


MEDIA Studio,

A professionally managed Advertising Hub, based in Central Cochin, provides aesthetically different poster designs at a price you Love to grab.

MEDIA Studios team of creative designers create the most adorable and salable posters to meet the promotional needs of clients online and offline marketing.

Our posters stand differently with their unique custom concept creation with eye catching visual formations.

Media Studios posters are elegant in looks, aesthetic in designs, creative in concepts and core to the point of USP.

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